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Established in 1956

Develops, Manufacturers and Installs Custom High-Performance Glazing Systems

100 PSF Water Rating

Highest Standard Water Ratings in the Industry

Unitized Curtain Wall

Developed and installed the first impact-resistant, four-sided, structurally glazing systems in the United States


Welcome to Crawford-Tracey Corporation, we offer a complete line of pre-glazed, unitized, impact, and non impact-resistant windows and doors. We design, manufacture, and install all of our own products providing the highest quality glazing systems in the industry. Our Pro-Tech line of windows has a water-resistant rating of 100PSF! The highest in the industry. We developed, tested, and installed the first impact-resistant, four-sided, structurally glazed system in the United States and continue to offer high-performance products to meet the most demanding project requirements.

Introducing the Pro-Tech Flood Barrier System from Crawford-Tracey

Crawford-Tracey’s impact-rated Pro-Tech series is the only unitized structurally glazed curtain wall and storefront system that has a water-resistant rating of 100 PSF and has now been tested and approved by FM Approvals per the ANSI/FM 2510 testing standard as a flood rated passive glazing system for opening barrier applications. The Pro-Tech 7SG FB is a structurally glazed 7-inch profile curtain wall and storefront system, and the Pro-Tech 9SG FB is a similar glazing system with a 9-inch profile to meet taller spans and withstand higher wind and flood loads.

FB 7SG 6

The Truth About Water Resistant Glazing – White Paper

All commercial glazing systems are not created equal! In hurricane-prone regions such as Florida, the building envelope is exposed to the most extreme weather conditions. Although industry test standards in hurricane-prone regions are some of the most stringent in the world, the reality is, they are often exceeded by hurricane forces, thus causing water infiltration, aka “water leaks.” Ray Crawford discusses the truth about glazing system failures and what every architect, contractor, and owner needs to know.

WHITE PAPER by Ray Crawford The Truth About Water Resistant Glazing

Q&A With Ray Crawford – How Ray started with Crawford-Tracey

Our Q&A with Ray Crawford provides a unique insight into is modest beginnings with Crawford0-Trace Corporation and how we worked his way up throughout the company to become President and one of the most influential leaders in the industry. Ray shares how his father influenced his career and work ethics. 

How Ray Crawford started with Crawford-Tracey