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Crawford-Tracey Corp Offers AIA-Approved Continuing Education Course on Designing Curtain Wall Systems

Crawford-Tracey Corp (Provider #10020055), a renowned turnkey glazing contractor serving the Southeastern United States and Caribbean, proudly announces a groundbreaking continuing education program designed for architects. The newly launched course, titled “Designing A Curtain Wall,” is now AIA-approved and offers one Learning Unit, including Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) credits.


  • Program Title: Designing A Curtain Wall
  • HOST / Provider Name: Crawford-Tracey Corp.
  • Course Number: CTC-501
  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Credits: One (1) Learning Unit
  • HSW: Yes


This comprehensive course delves into the critical elements of designing curtain wall glazing systems, particularly in the challenging hurricane market. Topics include various curtain wall systems, wind loads, mullion spans and spacing, impact requirements, impact glass options, water resistance, energy performance, and additional features for aesthetics and performance. Architects participating in this course will gain the essential knowledge required to meet building codes and safety standards in the hurricane market.


The “Designing A Curtain Wall” course strongly emphasizes aspects of Health, Safety, and Welfare pertinent to curtain wall glazing systems designed for hurricane-prone regions. Topics covered include the impact of sustainable design and daylighting, Florida hurricane codes and safety requisites, as well as relevant building codes and standards for safety and protection.


  • LO1: Understand the latest wind speed maps for Category 3 and Category 4, along with the new impact-resistant requirements for Risk Category 4.
  • LO2: Explore how mullion spans, spacing, and glass types collaborate to determine the proper glazing system design for the hurricane market.
  • LO3: Comprehend impact requirements for essential facilities and the diverse impact testing standards.
  • LO4: Differentiate between water resistance design approaches in curtain wall glazing systems for the hurricane market, with a direct comparison of pressure-equalized and face-sealed barrier wall systems.


  • Project Planning & Design


  • Building Systems, Materials & Assemblies


  • Building Envelope

Crawford-Tracey Corp continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing architects with the latest knowledge and expertise needed for the design of curtain wall systems in hurricane-prone areas. The “Designing A Curtain Wall” course adds to a rich history of innovation and quality that has been a hallmark of the company since its inception in 1956.

Architects looking to participate in this course can access it on the Crawford-Tracey Corp website, providing the flexibility of learning at their convenience. Additionally, the company is available for live sessions upon request, facilitating direct engagement with industry experts.

About Crawford-Tracey Corp:

Crawford-Tracey Corp is a leading turnkey glazing contractor serving the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. With offices located in Deerfield Beach and Jacksonville, Florida, the company boasts a proud history of innovation in the glazing industry, dating back to its founding in 1956. Crawford-Tracey Corp designs manufactures, and installs custom and conventional glazing systems, standing as one of the pioneers of unitized glazing systems and impact systems. Their commitment to quality, service, and safety has solidified their reputation in the design and contracting community. The company provides a single-source responsibility as both glazing system manufacturers and installers, ensuring that design and performance requirements are met for every project.

From conceptual design to component fabrication and installation, Crawford-Tracey Corp’s experienced and quality-minded staff guarantees the timely completion of durable projects, satisfying general contractors, architects, and owners. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in the pride taken by its workers, which is reflected in the highest quality products and services in the industry.