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Pro-Tech Flood Barrier System

Impact-Resistant, Unitized, Flood Barrier Curtain Wall System


Pro-Tech™ Flood Barrier System from Crawford-Tracey

Crawford Tracey’s impact-rated Pro-Tech series is designed to provide superior flood barrier protection for commercial buildings. These systems have met and exceeded the industry’s most stringent standards.

Pro-Tech 7SG FB – Structurally glazed 7-inch profile curtain wall and storefront system to meet wind and flood loads.

Pro-Tech 9SG FB – Structurally glazed 9-inch profile to meet taller spans and withstand higher wind and flood loads.


Flooding is the Enemy!

Flooding poses a significant and growing threat to commercial properties across the United States, with escalating financial implications and a growing need for effective mitigation strategies. Aging infrastructure, urbanization, and extreme weather events have exacerbated flood risks, making it imperative for businesses to proactively address this pervasive natural disaster.

  • Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the United States.
  • Commercial properties bear a heavy burden – over 90% of all flood-related property losses are in the commercial sector.
  • The average commercial flood claim amounts to nearly $100,000.
  • Flood damage is on the rise, even outside of traditional flood zones, as extreme weather events become more frequent.

ANSI/FM Testing: Pro-Tech 7SG FB

Pro-Tech 7SG FB: Engineered to Withstand Nature’s Fury – In the face of escalating flood risks, Pro-Tech’s Flood Barrier System stands as a testament to resilience. Witness the rigorous ANSI/FM 2510 Flood Abatement testing, the industry benchmark that simulates real-world flood conditions, evaluating not just the system’s strength but also the integrity of its individual components.

This comprehensive assessment includes hydrostatic pressure testing, dynamic impact testing, and rigorous material evaluations to ensure the Pro-Tech 7SG FB delivers unwavering performance against extreme forces and prolonged water exposure. This comprehensive assessment ensures that the Pro-Tech 7SG FB delivers unwavering performance, safeguarding your investment against the devastating impact of flood events.



FM Global Certificate of Compliance

Approved and certified per ANSI/FM 2510 Flood Abatement Standard, one of the most rigorous certification standards in the world, which evaluates the performance of a product in realistic flood and floating debris impact conditions.

100PSF Water-Resistant Rating

Only unitized structurally glazed curtain wall and storefront system with a static pressure, water-resistant rating of 100 PSF, the industry’s highest rating, and now approved to resist 4 feet and 7 feet of flood water with floating debris impact.

Large Missile Impact-Resistant

Capable of withstanding winds exceeding 195 mph, earning approval from Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida for hurricane-impact resistance, and meets the requirements for both large-missile impact and small-missile impact applications.

Pre-Fabricated, Unitized Curtain Wall

Pre-fabricated, unitized curtain wall systems offer superior quality control. Precision manufacturing in a controlled environment ensures consistent performance and minimizes the risk of on-site errors.