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Three Crawford-Tracey Employee’s Celebrate 30 Plus Years

Jim Bilton, Marco Rosales and Angel Garcia will be recognized by Crawford-Tracey for their dedicated service for over 30 years with the company. Jim Bilton, Production Manager, has been with Crawford-Tracey for 34 years. Bilton was hired to work on some welding projects for the company when a friend of his offered to teach him the trade to work in the shop. He was a quick study and a hard worker; his efforts did not go unnoticed. After a week he was given a raise and was essentially the apprentice to the shop manager at the time. In less than a year Ralph Crawford offered him the position to run the entire shop. . .and he’s been running it like a well-oiled machine ever since. Marco Rosales, CAD Designer, has been with Crawford-Tracey for 30 years. Rosales was hired as an entry-level draftsman and has spent just about his entire career with Crawford-Tracey. He is the master of Fab Packs and spends much of his time training and educating his colleagues. Angel Garcia, Head Superintendent, has been with Crawford-Tracey for 31 years. He came to this country from Cuba, his sister brought him in for an interview to translate – he didn’t speak English at the time. Angel worked in the shop, learning about our glazing system and the industry hands-on. He quickly worked his way up and found himself in the field where his qualities as a leader and talented glazier excelled.
Three Crawford-Tracey Employee’s Celebrate 30 Plus Years